So, your device has just released Android version with new security type,
to unlock you have to download supported firmware below and flash it with Odin flasher.
If you can't see your model in the list below, ask a question
You will lose any user stored data(contacts, text messages, etc)   for Galaxy 3 AT&T  for Galaxy 3 Bell  for Galaxy 3 Sasktel  for Galaxy 3 Fido  for Galaxy 3 Koodo  for Galaxy 3 Rogers  for Galaxy 3 Telus   for Galaxy 3
T-Mobile  for Galaxy 3 T-Mobile LTE  for Galaxy 3 Wind  for Galaxy 3 Mobilicity  for Galaxy 3 Videotron  for Galaxy 4 T-Mobile for Galaxy 4 Wind for Galaxy 4 Mobilicity for Galaxy 4 Videotron for Galaxy 4 EastLink  for Galaxy 4 AT&T for Galaxy 4 Bell for Galaxy 4 Sasktel for Galaxy 4 Fido for Galaxy 4 Koodo for Galaxy 4 Rogers for Galaxy 4 Telus for Galaxy 4 Virgin for Galaxy 4 Pcm for Galaxy 4 Puerto Rico for Galaxy 4 Sol for Galaxy 4 Telcel for Galaxy 4 Docomo  for Galaxy 4 EE UK  for Galaxy 4 Singtel      rom flasher

Flashing how-to

1.Put phone into download mode screen for Odin flasher.
  Turn it off, once completely shut down  hold down the 'HOME' + 'VOLUME DOWN' buttons and
  press the 'POWER' button for about 2 seconds until a WARNING! Screen appears.
  Press the 'VOLUME UP' button to continue or enter Download Mode.
2.Connect the phone to PC via USB. Then make sure you can see as phone "Added" in Odin log
  box or highlight the COM:ID once the device is detected
3.In Odin window, DO Not tick 'RE-Partition' only Tick 'Auto Reboot' and 'F. Reset Time'.
4.Now load the tar file e.g "yourphone.tar.md5"  in Odin PDA button.
5.Click on "Start" to flash the supported firmware.
6.Wait until the flashing successfully finishes, you'll just see a word 'PASS' in odin.
7.Phone can hangs at Samsung afterwards so do hard reset after removing and inserting
  battery 'HOME' + 'VOLUME UP' + 'POWER' scroll to "wipe data / factory reset" with volume
  and confirm with power key.
8.Run UnlockClient.exe and click search.