UnlockClient.com is here with a limited time promotion where you can unlock your phone for free!
Persons who can help us in making an educational videos on Youtube.com are wanted
Send an email first to support@UnlockClient.co with your phone model (certain models are eligible) and
what you can do about it. We will email you back if your model is eligible for this promotion.
Then you will need to place your order.

Once you receive your unlock promotion credit via email, download the software, install drivers and test the connection without entering any email or passphrase. When you will see the model name, firmware version and imei
it means everything is ready and now you can start to clearly film the process of:

Launching UnlockClient, following client's manual (inputting service codes), inserting not accepted sim card,
observing the unlock process, inputing the retrieved code and showing the other network name on the phone screen

When you have finished, upload the video to www.youtube.com and send the link. We will refund your money after approval

A good example of how the video should be like (check UnlockClient videos):
Youtube Title:            How to unlock Samsung I727 Skyrocket by UnlockClient.co
Youtube Description:  This is an example of how to unlock your Samsung I727 from At&T.
                                Download the UnlockClient and install drivers.
                                Input a non accepted simcard into the phone.
                                Run the software and press unlock.                               
                                Enter the retrieved unlock code.
Youtube Tags:          Unlock, Phone, Samsung, Galaxy, Skyrocket , I727, Code, Guide, Instructions, How to, Tutorial,

Video must be clear, your creativity is a plus and it can be in your own language
The video made must meet all requirements and conditions.
We reserve the right to refuse the promotion if a video has not met all the requirements.

Thank you